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Stucco Resurfacing In Utah

There are many reasons to choose stucco for your home. It’s durable and well-insulating, and the colors are totally custom. However, if stucco isn’t done right or if your home undergoes damage, you may find that stucco isn’t impenetrable. Then you’re stuck with the question who can I turn to for stucco resurfacing in Utah? Luckily Christensen Stucco & Windows is very good at resurfacing or replacing YOUR stucco.


First we begin by looking at the current state of your stucco. Is it adhering well to the lath (wood slats of the wall). If there are no issues there, often the stucco resurfacing can just be a new application on top of existing stucco. If there are issues in the wall down to the lath, or exposures through the stucco and wall to the inside, more intense repair may be needed. It all starts with a consultation.


The experts at Christensen Stucco & Windows will assess your stucco, and learn exactly what you want. By examining cracks and damage we can determine what is causing the problems and ensure that it is fixed in the process. We can reapply quality stucco, painting it exactly as you desire, to completely update and change the exterior of your home.

We urge you to give Christensen Stucco & Windows a call as soon as you notice any damage to your stucco or plaster so that we can help you fix the problem before it damages more of the surface area. Christensen Stucco & Windows is ready to make your home beautiful once again and is a leader of stucco resurfacing in Utah.